FiltramagXT Black powder Magnetic Filter

FiltramagXT is the predecessor to Ultrafiltrex. As the original choice, it provided the core technology for development of Ultrafiltrex. Although a more basic option than Ultrafiltrex, it delivers cost effective protection against the problems caused by black powder. The patented FiltramagXT uses tried and trusted high performance magnetic technology combined with a unique “dual flow” design to ensure that almost 100% of black powder particles are captured as they flow through the filter. With a full stainless steel construction, FiltramagXT provides long lasting, low maintenance operation even in the harshest environments.  


• Patented design • Can be manufactured to suit any connection type or size • Compatible with bulk processes – flow rates up to 10,000 m³/hr (multiple units) • Non-block design • Simple cleaning process • Minimal reduction in pressure or flow • Rapid return on investment

FiltramagXT Diagram

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