Eclipse Magnetics have a vast experience in handling large projects in some of the most demanding of industries including Automotive, Energy, Food and Pharmaceutical manufacture.  Our range of in-house resources and facilities enable us to tackle the most challenging of applications and work with the client to provide their optimum solution. Our focus is to add value to your business by saving time, money or environmental benefits.
• Dedicated design & development team using the latest 3D CAD software • 3D FEA Stress Analysis • Computational Fluid Dynamics • INFOLYTICA magnetic field simulation software • Access to the latest in high performance magnetic materials • Micron accurate machining and surface finishing • Customised fabrication services • Field testing and performance monitoring • Project management and consultation  
Boilermag CFD Capability
Magnetic Field Growth Boundaries – Infolytica

If you require more information about how Ultrafiltrex can help your process or if you want to discuss an upcoming project, then please get in touch with our dedicated sales team. We are happy to discuss your project and provide no obligation consultation.