Ultrafiltrex Separator to be Showcased at Energy Exports Conference

Ultrafiltrex Separator to be Showcased at Energy Exports Conference

Ultrafiltrex Separator to be Showcased at Energy Exports Conference

Ultrafiltrex will be attending the Energy Exports Conference 2019; a major event opening in Aberdeen this summer. The conference is aimed at supporting the UK supply chain to export its products, services and expertise into global markets, making it the ideal platform to showcase the Ultrafiltrex; Eclipse Magnetics’ high performance solution to pipeline corrosion.

The event boasts a range of highly anticipated key note speeches from industry and government, as well as two conference programmes focussed on exporting. Also in attendance will be Chief Executives from Aramco, Oil & Gas Authority, UK Export Finance, Oil & Gas UK and Energy Industries Council, who will welcome delegates and kick-start two days of networking, project updates and opportunities, and inspiring and educational panel sessions.

Tony Joynston, Global Sales Manager for Eclipse Magnetics Ultrafiltrex Separator said: “The Energy Exports Conference will be a great opportunity for us to foster valuable relationships with key players in the global energy industry. With 1,500 UK supply chain delegates expected to attend, as well as EPC Contractors and leading global operatives, we’re really looking forward to showcasing the Ultrafiltrex, and of course, making the most of valuable networking opportunities.”

The Ultrafiltrex combines high performance magnetics with optimum flow dynamics to capture virtually 100% of ferrous contamination in pipelines. Compared to traditional membrane or barrier filters such as, strainers, baskets, or cartridges, the Ultrafiltrex offers an alternative that saves time, money and the environment. Suitable for use in upstream, midstream, and downstream locations, the Ultrafiltrex ensures a cleaner, higher performance end product through sub-micron particle size removal. No consumables ensures a reduction in waste disposal costs and environmental impact.

Find out more about the Ultrafiltrex at the Energy Exports Conference 2019 this June. The event takes place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre from 18-19 June 2019.


There are many ways of trying to control black powder accumulation, traditionally membrane or barrier filters such as cyclones, separators, cone or basket strainers are used. However, they are generally limited in terms of particle size they can collect and are prone to reducing flow. They also use consumable filters which can be costly and incur expensive waste disposal costs. Disposing of consumable filters also has an environmental impact adding to pollution and landfill.

More recently, advances in in magnetic technology and enhanced understating of fluid flow dynamics have given rise to the development of high performance magnetic filters such as Ultrafiltrex, which extract sub-micron sized particles and do not rely on consumable components.